Fields of Business

White Goods

ROSETTA STONE offers long term experience in the field of White Goods.For more than 60 years we have been building manufa…

  • 178

Our Clients from the automobile and supplier industry are demanding the best results. Elmotec Statomat products are paten…

  • 321

We have a keen eye on the development of the industrial field and we work always on innovative new products.Our manufactu…

  • 347
MV Motor

? Cement ? Irrigation-Pump? Iron-Steel / Metal ? Marin ? Petro Chemistry ? Chemical Industry ? Paper Industry ? O…

  • 284
Coppor Rotor

“Copper Rotor” is the rotor for squirrel cage induction motors which made from copper or copper alloy. Pressed by die…

  • 270
Medical equipment

Bi-level positive airway pressure ventilatorThe dual-pressure ventilator, the inspiratory pressure and the expiratory pre…

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