Semi Iron Core Stator Double End 5-Shaft Winding Machine

Used for the winding of air conditioner plastic package motor semi iron core stator and pulsator washing machine plastic package motor. It adopts digital control system and 3-shaft servo motor , reaching high reliablity& flexibility.

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Product Description

Primary purpose:

The line is mainly used for washing machine and plastic around the air conditioning of plastic package motor half iron core of the stator, the numerical control system, 5 axis servo motor, high reliability and high flexibility, the device has a high flexibility for the new technology of motor structure.

Line cutting function:

Using the cylinder to realize the damping line, cutting line function, and realizing the line defense function in winding process:The increase of double shearing line reduces the labor intensity of workers:Reduce the artificial injury line, the thread length is adjustable;The automation of the device is increased to allow for subsequent automated wiring.

Product parameter:

Working range 

Main shaft rotating speed 

Max.   3500RPM

Winding wire diameter 

0.12-0.2(Copper wire )  0.2-0.6(Aluminum wire)

Stator inner diameter

42 / 44 / 45/ 48  /49

Stator stack thickness 


Winding channel quanitity

Set according to motor channel quantity; For example: air conditioner plastic packaging motor 8 channels, washing machine plastic packaging motor 12channels;                                                               

Main features 

Channel port center 

Set channel port position according to motor 

Transition wire 

Aslant, go straight,oblique steel across,cross line forward, cross line backward are all available 

 Multi tapping 

 Various method available 

 Control system 

5- shaft digtal control system 

 Thread trimming 

Double-end thread trimming , the length of thread residue are adjusatble;

Breaking wire detecting 

Detect iron core hook and the  injury of wire spool 

Tension control

 Self feedback electrical tensioner 

Overall Dimension


1400 x 700x 1500 mm


About 400 kg

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