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About The Rosetta Stone

Established in 2010, CHANGZHOU ROSETTA STONE IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD has developed to an enterprise group with the ability of industry and trade from a trading company engaged in import and export business after years of accumulation. Involved field: Electric Motor manufacturing, Industrial equipment parts. We can provide integrated solution of electric motor manufacturing and the complete production assembly line with the high quality for electric motor manufacturing, motor components & manufacturing equipment etc.

After long term accumulation of Industry experience, constantly improve Supplier base, through vertical integration, direct investment in brand manufacturer, we provide high quality products with higher cost performance.

Our major products:

1. Equipment for electric motor、Generator and alternator manufacturing..Industrial field:

Home Appliances,Industrial Motor,Pump ,Fan,Compressor Motor,Automotive,Generator、Alternator。Main product: Automatic wind/inject machine,Shed flyer winder,Coil inject/drift/preform machine,Coil inserting machine,Slot cell insulator,Forming machine, Lacing machine,Rotor die casting machine,motor tester, Varnishing machine 、Roll/Dip and trickle impregnation machine、welding machine for stator,Cleating machine,Taping protection tape machine、 CNC forming machine、Heavy-duty semi-automatic framework coil hot press machine。

2.Motor components and related manufacturing equipment.High speed punching machine、Stamping mould、Fusing terminal machine、Heating housing machine、Stamping、Housing and Impeller.

3.Copper rotor

4.Cash Valve

Not only products, we also provide related technical support and consultation, and help the customer complete the implementation of the project with high-efficiency one-stop service. We build a high-speed passage between customer and the manufacturers, facilitate the customer to achieve goals and tasks. After years of hard work, our sales have covered Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East, and have received high recognition from customers

    Our Partners

    The result of our machines is quality, precision, longevity and a good production flow.

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